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:heart:Admin's/Piano's Constantly Growing Family due to random nonsense:heart:

:iconhetalia-spain: I'm pretty much the head of the family. xD

:iconashesashesfalling: My daughter~

:iconicoele: Mother in law ovo

:iconholy-rome: Bliss is also my daughter~ Gabriel is a close friend of mine!

:icon2p-hre: Cece is a really good friend of mine ovo Not sure where she is in the family-- Claude's just my pillow. :I

:iconcorgiinthesea: Daughter~

:icondarkitty15: Mama Kitty ouo

:iconpippin-chan: This is my lovely sister~ o7o

:iconaskdarklordcanada: My brother~ Admin is like a sister to me. xDD

:iconmaybeawriter: Sister~ o7o

:icontastefulcostume6: You're technically my sister tooo~ ouo

:iconaskmmdromano: The father to my many children. Twinkies though is my daughter too so--

:iconask-madelinewilliams: Fellow Piano Trio memeber! o7o So pretty much my sister! xDD

:iconask-spantina: Great grandmother. xDD

:iconaskshadesadmin: Another of my fabulous sisters~

:iconxbloodrosedragon: My lovely sister~ ouo

:icondemone-rosa: Admin is my daughter. uwu

:iconmirviana: MY DAUGHTER/HUSBAND. ;w;

:icongoreypsychochick: Hermana~

:iconforgotten-fratellino: Sally dear, love ya. ;w; And Seborga... ;w; I love you so much. :heart:

:iconfinnyeh: The fabulous and magical tomato box fairy! o7o LOL IDK--

:icondawndahedgehog: My ultra fabulous blanket. ouo

:iconbabypismellskfc: My little brother. :I

:iconbricates: My newest daughter~ ;w;

:iconaskaikouzumaki: My guardian angel o7o

:iconeulpie: My souljamate xDD <3

:iconthe-gayest-god: My friend. Who happens to be a god. Nothing strange about that--

:iconseiuni: New friend~ ouo

:icon2pitalia: ..... Fratello?

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You will not believe what the hell I did yesterday.

I stood up for myself (sort of) to my dad.

Holy shit.

I feel stronger.

However in my rage, I showed him my scars on my leg and said I'd been cutting.

Mom hates my guts, but that's not new. What is new is that she says I'm stressing her out and that I might be the cause of her dying when she goes in for surgery in about two weeks. :I But I still love her cause she's my mom.

My little fight with my dad almost got physical cause I almost threw a punch. ono

On the bright side

I got a Wii

My own Wii

*quiet happy screech*

I'm also a week ahead in school

I'm on a roll-

Also there's like four or five pints of my favorite ice cream in the freezer

Along with a chocolate cupcake to my right

I'm set for life yo. uwu


Hetalia-Spain's Profile Picture
It means the passion never ends!
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

Bienvenido al Reino de España

Enjoy your stay here~ Would you like a tomato? Perhaps a churro?

Basic Information

Name: Antonio Fernádez Carriedo

Human age: 25

Real age: 521

Gender: Male

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Green

Race: Country

Status: In a relationship with :iconshadetheerie1:

Appearance and Personality

The Spanish nation has somewhat curly, yet messy brown hair and vibrant green eyes. He always appears to be smiling, being a very cheerful and passionate. You can usually find Antonio wearing a military uniform is a tan jacket with 3/4-length sleeves, along with a pair of tan trousers. He wears a pair of short brown boots, and has puttees wrapped around his legs. He also wears a red (or brown) neckbow on his jacket, along with a shoulder strap attached to his belt that goes over his right shoulder. However, you can also see him wearing more modern/casual clothes, depending on the activities he may be participating in.

Like I mentioned before, Antonio is quite the happy man. He's always smiling and very optimistic, despite the things that may happen to him. He was once a very powerful nation, but was taken down by England, Netherlands, and even a younger America. He's very relaxed, since he has an attitude that basically says 'I can do whatever, whenever, and however I'd like to', since he doesn't really want to change much with time. Antonio is also very oblivious and people may think of him as insensitive and clueless. However, he doesn't really mean to give off that vibe, he just doesn't really try to get a feel of the atmosphere. Like, not at all. So be careful.


List of people we adore/love dearly:


Own a part of Spain:

RP Rules:

Admin's account: :iconepicbleachfan998:

Bad Touch Trio

Twerk Team ((Best not to ask))

~Note from the Admin~
Hello hello~ I'm known as Piano. Tis a pleasure to meet you all. uwu Please read the rules if you'd like to RP. I'm shy, but I won't bite! This account is a WIP so bear with me, mkay? Have fun though~

~Special thanks to~

:iconegg-kun: Made my beautiful icon uwu

:iconamporous: Made my fabulous ID~

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